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  • pressure and suction connection lines
  • various products (original pieces only)
  • tailor-made thanks to in-house production
  • various materials


Anschlüsse und Armaturen Absperrschieber

Sliding gate valve
For wall mounting in non-corrosive stainless steel and PE guides.

Anschlüsse und Armaturen Handzugschieber

Push-pull gate valve
Ideal for flushing the lines with the PE spigot ends and the non-corrosive gate valve blade.

Anschlüsse und Armaturen Dreiweghahnen

Three-way switching valves
Can be employed for the suction and pressure lines.

Anschlüsse und Armaturen Bodendreiweghahnen

Three-way switching valves
Compatible with the conventional PVC pressure pipe with spigot end.

Anschlüsse und Armaturen Messing-Schieber

Brass gate valve
Compact construction, ideal for emptying.

Anschlüsse und Armaturen Rohrschellen

Pipe clamps
Available in different sizes and materials like stainless steel, galvanised steel or PE/PVC.

Anschlüsse und Armaturen Breitband-Briden

Wide band hose clamps
Rugged, double bolts

Anschlüsse und Armaturen Bride

Non-corrosive stainless steel clamps