Eccentric screw pump


The Stöckli eccentric screw pump comes in two variants: mobile or stationary.

Pressure relief valve
Prevents the pump and the propulsion unit from overloading through fluid recirculation. The pressure relief valve can also be used for the emptying of the pressure line.

Exzenterschneckenpumpe Überdruckventil

Stuffing box with grease nipple
Keeps the packing rings supple and supports the sealing.

Exzenterschneckenpumpe Schmiernippel

Central lubrication
Lubrication of the bearings without dismantling the blanking plates possible.

Exzenterschneckenpumpe Zentralschmierung

V-belt protection
Protects from rotating parts.

Exzenterschneckenpumpe Keilriemenschutz

Tension lever
Tensioning of the V-belt by means of an eccentric tension lever.

Exzenterschneckenpumpe Spannhebel


For both design variants, there is the following optional extra equipment:

Radio remote control
With the radio remote control you can perform various additional functions. You can turn your pump on and off safely from any location.

Exzenterschneckenpumpe Funk-Fernsteuerung

Agro Pilot
With the standard equipment you can establish a radio connection over several kilometres of distance.

Kolbenpumpe Agro Pilot

PTO radio remote control
Allows the pump to be switched on and off while the tractor is running.

Exzenterschneckenpumpe Zapfwellenfunk-Fernsteuerung

FC – Frequency converter
Optimum delivery of the pump’s performance thanks to the rated current regulation.

Schneckenpumpe Frequenzumformer

Check valve
Prevents backward rotation of the pump at high pressure.

Exzenterschneckenpumpe Rückschlagklappe

Three-way switching valves
With the help of the radio remote control, you can comfortably move the three-way valves from liquid manure to water. It can also be used to unload the pressure lines.

Exzenterschneckenpumpe Dreiweghahnen

Automatic emptying
Unloading by means of the radio remote control.

Exzenterschneckenpumpe - Automatische Entleerung mittels Funk-Fernsteuerung.

Emptying over the suction casing
Allows the unloading of the pressure line over the suction casing without additional connection lines.

Exzenterschneckenpumpe Entleerung über das Sauggehäuse

Rotatable suction elbow
Provides a flexible connection to the suction line.

Exzenterschneckenpumpe Saugbogen drehbar

Protection against stones
Prevents the suction of large stones or other foreign bodies into the pump.

Kolbenpumpe Steinschutz

simalube 60
The automatic single-point lubricator.

Schneckenpumpe simalube 60


Model Max. head in m Flow rate at 540 rpm in m³/h
HSP 60-G 80 32
HSP 100-G 80 50
HSP 120-G 120 65
HSP 150-G 120 78
Eccentric screw pump
Model Max. head in m Flow rate at 540 rpm in m³/h
HSP 60/2-G 180 32
HSP 100/2-G 180 45
HSP 120/2-G 180 65
HSP 150/2-G 180 78
Eccentric screw pump
Model Max. head in m Flow rate at 540 rpm in m³/h
HSP 60/3-G 200 60
HSP 120/3-G 200 70
HSP 150/3-G 200 90
Eccentric screw pump