From tradition and unity


We celebrate 110 years Stöckli Pro AG.


Foundation of Stöckli Pro AG under the management of Oliver Stöckli and the directors Mladen Okolic and Fabian Werlen.


Throughout the year developments take place also in the agitator production. For instance, from this point in time onwards a telescopic extension is built for the submersible motor propeller of the device, which allows doing without several individual extensions.


The 100th anniversary of E. Stöckli AG occurs in a financial year which sees a lively exhibition activity. On the occasion of the trade fair in Buttisholz, employees celebrate by contemplating their workplace and the region from a helicopter’s bird’s-eye view.


A further milestone has been reached in pump production. E. Stöckli AG starts with the manufacture of the horizontal double-acting 2-piston pump DW-500-V, designed for manure and water. In terms of performance, it guarantees the modern farmer shorter working hours.


Ernst Stöckli-Muff takes over from E. Stöckli AG. In 1989 the ground floor of the factory undergoes reconstruction.


In the midst of this reconstruction and extension phase in Oberdorf, the company turns 75 years old. After completion of the construction work the 1984 jubilee is celebrated with staff, guests and the press.


E. Stöckli AG is founded. From 1982 to 1984 the factory goes through further construction and extension towards north-west.


Emil Stöckli-Bösch returns to his previous position, Oberdorf, as a sole trader and continues to produce pumps and agitators. In 1976 Ernst Stöckli joins his father’s business. In the same year, the factory is developed and expanded.


Emil Stöckli-Bösch founds Stöckli AG Maschinenfabrik. The site is relocated to Moos, today’s industrial zone in Buttisholz.


Starting from this year, Stöckli builds the first eccentric screw pumps. They are still the only ‘Swiss Made’ progressive cavity pumps produced in Switzerland today.


For the 50th jubilee, a new two-piston and three-piston pump is developed and launched. Even though this jubilee pump, model JP, is no longer manufactured today, it is still widely used.


Emil Stöckli-Bösch takes over the pump and hose factory from his father. In 1956 he hands the hose production over to his brother, Adolf Stöckli-Meyer, who continues to run it until 1971. Emil Stöckli-Bösch manufactures pumps and agitators in Oberdorf, where the enterprise was firstly based, until 1963.


After the end of the Second World War, the two existing dwellings are converted into a one-floor factory building, which is soon supplemented with a second floor for the looms and a third floor for storage.


Towards the end of the 1930s, Siegfried Stöckli passes away and his brother Emil Stöckli-Burkart takes over the pump manufacturing and hose production.

1916 – 1923

Until then, the business is run in Notzehus, Hinterdorf. During the time period between 1916 and 1923, Siegfried and his brother Emil Stöckli build two multistorey residential buildings in Buttisholz. On the ground floor pumps are manufactured and tested on the nearby pump stand; the looms for hose production are placed on the first floor. In an extension, the hoses are


The first three-piston pump (No. 1 but later type SM49) for mounting on the slurry pit is developed and built already in 1913.


In 1908, Siegfried Stöckli from Buttisholz lays the foundation stone of the Stöckli pump factory in Buttisholz (Lucerne) with the invention and the construction of the first ‘Stockpumpe’: a pump for cattle watering tanks in iron-reinforced wood. The pump is installed in the slurry pit whereas the propulsion unit is on the pit. The pump manufacturing is soon joined by the hose production.