Piston pump


The piston pump comes in two variants: mobile or stationary.

Pressure relief valve
Prevents the pump and the propulsion unit from overloading through fluid recirculation.

Kolbenpumpe Überdruckventil

Piston rod
Special surface coating for good gliding and little wear.

Kolbenpumpe Kolbenstange

Little wear and long service life thanks to the U-cup packings made with graphite.

Kolbenpumpe Kolben

Valve seat
Little wear thanks to the special alloy. Optimum suction power due to the new design.

Kolbenpumpe Ventilsitz

Spur gears
Massive design for excellent power transmission and long service life.

Kolbenpumpe Stirnräder


For both design variants, there is the following optional extra equipment:

Agro Pilot
With the standard equipment you can establish a radio connection over several kilometres of distance.

Kolbenpumpe Agro Pilot

FC – Frequency converter
Optimum delivery of the pump’s performance thanks to the rated current regulation.

Schneckenpumpe Frequenzumformer

Pressure switch
Adjustable electrical pressure monitoring.

Kolbenpumpe Pressostat

Check valve
For a smooth and pressure-free start of the pump.

Kolbenpumpe Rückschlagklappe

Macerates straw as well as other foreign matters in the pumped fluids.

Kolbenpumpe Schneidewerk

Three-way switching valves
With the help of the radio remote control, you can comfortably move the three-way valves from liquid manure to water. It can also be used to unload the pressure line.

Kolbenpumpe Dreiweghahnen

Emptying over the suction line
Allows the emptying of the pressure line over the suction casing without additional connection lines.

Kolbenpumpe Entleerung

Protection against stones
Prevents the suction of large stones or other foreign bodies into the pump.

Kolbenpumpe Steinschutz


ModelMax. head in mFlow rate at 540 rpm in m³/h
DW 500-V 15020050
DW 500-V 16016060
Piston pump