Stöckli Separator

Dewatering screw press for draining liquid-containing residues

  • from agricultural holdings (livestock, biogas)
  • from the food industry (slaughterhouses, breweries)
  • from municipal treatments (sewage sludge)
  • from distilleries and bio-ethanol plants
  • separator casing made of stainless steel
  • quick-release cover for the cleaning of the strainer
  • adjustable performance through smooth speed control
  • wear-out parts can be easily changed


Liquid phase

  • the volume of the slurry is reduced by 10-23% (reduced storage and transport volume)
  • separated liquid manure hardly forms floating and sinking layers
  • odour reduction
  • considerably lower adhesion to the plants (lower risk of acid burn and improved absorption)
  • longer and more frequent output possible (top dressing possible)
  • less energy required for pumping and transporting

Solid phase

  • biodegradable, virtually odourless, and stackable
  • due to the high content of solid matter, storage without extra precautions possible
  • improvement of the soil structure and increase of humus content
  • with over 30% of dry matter content, composting possible
  • can also be used outside of agricultural areas when humus formation and nutrients are needed
  • if appropriate, can be used or marketed as bedding, garden fertiliser, etc.


ModelPerformance/Flow rateEngine powerSpeed
KKS 26 SF3 – 10 m³/h5.5 kW / 400 V15 – 50 U/min
KKS 31 SF5 – 15 m³/h7.5 kW / 400 V15 – 50 U/min

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