Stöckli Hose Reel

The ideal auxiliary equipment for the storing of hoses.

  • three-point trailer hitch comes as standard
  • hydraulic shut-off valve with safety and operating bar
  • completely galvanised
  • massive construction
  • adjustable support
  • optional: second hydro motor
  • optional: lighting system

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Stöckli Trailing Hose Applicator

Easy handling thanks to flat and compact design.

  • reduction of nitrogen loss by 45%
  • reduction of odour during and after the application
  • better and more accurate distribution
  • rugged construction
  • flat and compact design
  • lower power demand

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Stöckli Liquid Manure Spreader

Even distribution on hilly lands thanks to the hydro propulsion unit.

  • ball bearing swivel input elbow
  • swivelling spreading without interruptions
  • accurate distribution
  • cast iron chrome steel rotary joint

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Stöckli Hydrant

Brings the liquid manure to the right place.

  • various connection options at the discharge elbow
  • all variants available (1 to 4 valves)
  • gate valve spindle made of chrome steel
  • built-in extractor tube with bayonet closure
  • compact design
  • PE PN16 spigot ends

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